Downtime – What I do when I’m not doing!

Downtime Matters! I like to keep myself busy with social media and creating new and exciting ways to market brands through it’s almost limitless power, it’s true that most of my down time is spent sitting behind the same old key board doing the same old thing but I’m not a robot and I figured, today, I’d look at some […]

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Social capital and the power of relationships: Al Condeluci at TEDxGrandviewAve

I wanted to share this TEDx talk by Al Condeluci at TEDxGrandviewAve. Al Condeluci is a wonderful man who’s work I am only just beginning to discover. It’s such an inspirational talk about the true value of Social Capital and building relationships, he touches on aspects that we often overlook when thinking about social capital and what the concept really […]

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